Cartoon Pirates
Draw a Pirate
Pirtate Ship
Chest of Loot
Scurvy Crew

Cartoon Pirates

AHOY! BRAND NEW BOOK ! Join Stu and the motley crew to draw all things Piratey!

Suitable for Every Kid Who Ever Wanted To Be A Pirate! And draw them as well!

Price: $ 25.00



AVAST! Pack your pencils and grab a parrot and head on out to sea with the scurvy crew of 

Cartoon Pirates! Stu's BRAND NEW 'How-To-Draw' book will show you how to sketch Pirate Ships; Treasure Chests; Scurvy Crew; Pesky Parrots; Skull Islands; Maps and Swords and so much more!

Packed with all things Piratey and sure to delight kids of all ages who love to draw - from Cabin Boy Beginners to experienced Captains of Cartooning!

The perfect Christmas Gift! 

Size A4

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