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The Legend of Capt Black Custard (SOFT COVER)

By Stu Duval - 60 pages Soft Cover Picturebook

Suitable for 5-12 yr olds

Price: $ 19.95



'The Legend of Capt Black Custard' is a beautifully illustrated picture book of over 60 pages and tells the wondrous tale of pudding and passion in the mysterious isles of New Zealand.Stu has have been sharing this tale in schools for over 20 years, always to rapturous glee."Please write the book!" has been the plea ...and so now he has!

Join Capt Black Custard and his motley crew of Pudding Pirates as they attempt to find the most wondrous pud ever made. They will sail to the bottom of the world, to the mysterious islands of Aotearoa, and overcome any danger to get their lips around the fabled treat, named for its beautiful creator..'Lamington Lil' who lives in a hollow Kauri tree in Huia Bay.

Yet she will not give up her secrets easily. Will Capt Black Custard discover the true treasure his heart seeks?A perfect read for all ages - 5-12.

'Beautifully illustrated! A glorious read!'  

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