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Yeti Hunter

134 pages Paperback. Numerous B/W Illustrations and Maps

Suitable for Ages 12 to Adult

Price: $ 30.00


Set in 1912 this Gothic Thriller will have you on the edge of your seat!

For over 100 years Gallows Island Penitentiary has housed condemned convicts awaiting the hangman's noose.
Yet now there is a new and terrible evil loose on the island.
A mysterious creature who stalks and attacks at will ...
who evades all capture and efforts to bring it down.
A wild beast that only one man alive can hunt and shoot.
That man is Maxim Bunderbluss, greatest hunter of the age!
But he soon realises, on arriving at the desolate prison, that even he, with all his skill ,is no match for the Beast of Gallows Island!

The HUNTER has become the the HUNTED! 

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